Cartier love bracelet replica How a simple became a luxury jewellery piece with

Cartier love bracelet fake for women was created in New York in the 1970s by Aldo Cipullo. Cipullo had just created The Love Bracelet, his first design for Cartier, and followed this with an iconic design for a bracelet made out of a single nail. love, or in French, ‘just a nail’, was just that – a thoroughly modern take on a seemingly ordinary object. But then that’s Cartier – the brand simply creates jewellery masterpieces that hold so much symbolism and character it’s difficult to imagine them as the objects they once were – love could never really just be a nail, and The Love Bracelet could never have originated from something as conventional as the screwdriver.

So rather than a resurgence, because it never went away, Cartier continues to reimagine the love collection. Now an integral part of the Cartier brand DNA, the love, Cipullo’s 40-year legacy, has graced the wrists of everyone from Miranda Kerr to Kristen Stewart. As goes for any piece of Cartier jewellery, it transcends layers of personal panache – and even gender – a Cartier piece is a symbol for an uncomplicated style.

cartier love bracelet yellow gold fake

cartier love bracelet yellow gold fake

From a classic cartier love yellow gold bracelet cheap, unadorned, to a pink gold necklace with hanging twin nails covered in 111 diamonds, the Cartier love is a complete collection with something to delight every jewellery habit. Whether layered up or dressed down – there is a piece for every kind of woman (or man). Cartier’s latest collection of short films, available to view on their website, proves just how wearable the love Collection is – avant-garde, audacious and thoroughly modern. Fast becoming one of Cartier’s most well-loved collections, the love has a buzz about it that certainly isn’t going away anytime soon.

Cartier re-launched its love collection in 2012, the prestigious French luxury goods brand reminded us how it can make something precious out of even the most ordinary of objects. Yes, Cartier took the simple nail and turned it into a piece of fake cartier bangle white gold that is truly iconic –and one that continues to be reimagined and reshaped by the heritage brand.